Lapel Pins

The minute I started dreaming about designing jewellery, I knew that if I created a collection that I would have lapel pins. Plenty of lapel pins. I love seeing a flash of silver or gold on a jacket. Blazers, leather jackets, denim jackets – to me a pin is a stamp of individuality and identity.

For those of you whose idea of dressing up is throwing on a blazer and eye liner as I normally do (maybe not the eye liner for the boys?) you will appreciate the difference jewellery can make to your outfit. T-shirt and jeans? Thrown on jacket and necklace, et voila! Your look is complete. Now step up your usual and try adding a lapel pin – it makes you stand out from the crowd and is a great talking piece.

From large polished lightning bolts like my favourite Flat Top Bolt above, to an understated matt finish Low Cone (below) – we have a lapel pin (or tie tack) to suit most guys and gals with even more coming before Christmas. All hallmarked and finished to Edge Only’s high standards.


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