The Winter Collections have landed!

After months of dreaming, creating and a bit of blood sweat and tears in the workshop from the goldsmiths, our new collections have landed. Everyday Icons and Bugs.

Everyday Icons started with me thinking about what symbols are prevalent in our everyday lives. Social media and technology have become gigantic in our day to day - a symbol like the hashtag was probably one of the most unused symbols on a keyboard ten years ago. Now there are comedy sketches about its overuse. Such a cool little symbol that now means so much. And what would we do without the @? How would we tag people?!

Spending time in my Mum's jewellery workshops had me in love with all of the tools around me. Everyday things like screws are such great objects, we just normally see them stacked high in plastic containers in hardware shops. Something happens when you elevate them in precious metal - they become iconic. We know all these symbols and shapes so well, we are just not used to celebrating them. The humble wooden clothes peg, the buttons from out shirts. Now all sterling silver and 14 carat or 18 carat gold. Beautiful, edgy and different - just like us all.

As for the bugs, well, I know they divide people. I adore beetles and cute little insects, yet i am afraid of spiders. So these are six legged friends (not 8). They make me smile. For those of us that don’t like cookie cutter jewellery or fashion, these little guys are a great way to stand out and get people talking. I like to wear one of each crawling up my blazer lapel… 




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