Tips: How to spot a fake watch

We don't currently sell watches at Edge Only, but as with fine jewellery and hallmarking, we think it is important that you know what to look for when making a purchase and how to protect yourself from fraudulent or misleading retailers. 

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The replica watch industry is on the rise, already in 2015, fake Apple watches have been on sale at the Consumer Electronics Show and on on eBay – even before the official one has been released. 

When deciding to purchase a luxury watch, you should research the brand and model of watch – both online and in person at stores or auction houses. You should know what the genuine watch looks like, how it feels and sounds, and how much it weighs.

Top tips

To ascertain whether the watch you are looking at it is genuine, you need to check:

  1. Materials – it should be made from high quality materials such as solid stainless steel, titanium or precious metals, top-end luxury watches do not use chrome plating. Gold watches should be hallmarked.
  2. Quality of finish – genuine watches are usually heavier than replicas. This is due to the use of better quality materials compared to counterfeit watchmakers who are keen to save costs.
  3. Type face and engraving – the dial should have crisp, clear printing. Check carefully that all words are spelt correctly and there should be no smudges. Some watches have a hidden logo, so confirm this is correct. For example, a Rolex has a coronet in the glass at the 6 o’clock position – this should only be visible with magnification and the logo should be made up of lots of small dots, not a continuous line. A Cartier has the name written into the Roman numerals at either the 7 or 10 o’clock position.


If possible, purchase a watch with the original box and paperwork. This not only increases the value of the watch and makes selling it easier, but gives you history on the piece. Verify that the model number of the watch matches the watch you have in front of you, and check the serial number too.

Know the Seller

You should be able to trust the seller of the watch. It is a much better idea to purchase from an established company rather than an unknown individual online, for example. A reputable company has a reputation to uphold and can be held accountable. You shouldn’t feel rushed into making a decision, so consider it carefully – if the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is so don’t take a chance. You can never research too much before buying a luxury watch, so take your time and get it right.

About H&T Pawnbrokers

H&T Pawnbrokers has in-house experts who inspect its pre-owned watches and confirm authenticity before selling them on its Est1897 website or in its H&T and Discount Secondhand Jewellery stores.

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