When Jewellery Goes POP!

We are delighted to introduce our new collection, Pop Art.

Inspired by the classic 1960s art of Roy Lichtenstein and the world of comics and graphic novels, the Pop Art Collection is big, bold and playful. POW! and BAM! are the stars of the show, with highly detailed explosions and lettering dominating the collection. Featuring extra large statement necklaces the Pop Art collection is designed for both men and women, with cufflinks, pendants, earrings and lapel pins available in 14 carat gold and sterling silver.

"I have always been a fan of comic books. I grew up with Archie and my brother’s stacks of Marvel and DC Comics. I loved the style of the illustrations, the dialogue balloons, speech bubbles and explosions on the pages. I spent a summer in Montreal during University when the Lichtenstein Retrospective was showing in The Montreal Museum of Fine Art. I was blown away by the scale of Roy Lichtenstein's work - the colour, the dots, the drama! His art made me smile - and that’s what I hope this collection will do. I want people to light up and grin from ear to ear when they see these pieces; to dip into that comic book nostalgia and start their day right, with a POW! and BAM!”  

Jenny Huston

In line with Edge Only’s ethical luxury policy, all pieces are produced in Ireland using only solid gold and sterling silver. Says Jenny “The craftsmanship and quality of finish are central to each piece. We want people to have beautifully finished designs that they can feel great about in every respect”.


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