Ethically Made In Ireland
Luxury Jewellery with an Edge

Founded by radio DJ and former music TV presenter Jenny Huston, Edge Only is an award winning jewellery brand created for individuals that care about the jeans and trainers they wear every bit as much as the suit they wear to work. "As the daughter of a goldsmith and gemologist, I grew up around high-end jewellery, but I wanted to bring some edge to it. While working as a Presenter and DJ, traditional fine jewellery didn’t fit in with my lifestyle. I wanted pieces that would stand out, be a talking point or make a playful statement."

Highly finished designs created for men and women to reflect individual style and personality. 

Jenny believes in ethical luxury and quality craftsmanship so Edge Only’s production is done in Ireland with care, ensuring beautifully finished designs that you can feel great about in every respect. 

A brand that designs for men and women equally with clean, genderless design at the core.

Made from solid 100% recycled gold and sterling silver, Edge Only pieces are designed, ethically made and individually hallmarked in Dublin Castle, Ireland. 

Edge Only is a member of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI) and Institute of Designers Ireland (IDI)