How to Dress for a Wedding

How to Dress for a Wedding

Individuality is very important to us at Edge Only so we know it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd in a sea of blue and grey suits. With wedding season fast approaching, here are some tips for you men (or for the women reading on behalf of your men) for dressing well for a wedding. 

Firstly, if there is no dress code stated on the invitation always go for semi-formal (which in other words means your business suit) The trick is knowing how to change your Monday-Friday look into the perfect wedding attire. There is more to making your suit look different than just changing your tie or adding a pocket square, and here at Edge Only we have the perfect guide to ensure you are the most stylish, polished or rock and roll individual at the wedding.

Lapel Pins

Tom Hardy Lapel Pin

A lapel pin is something that can totally change your look and make you stand out. Tom Hardy is looking super cool here with a lapel pin on his suit jacket and a tie pin on his tie. From simply dressing the buttonhole on your suit jacket (or pinning your tie) you can completely change your work suit into something unique.
At Edge Only we have everything from understated and classic, to rock & roll and more playful edge. Whatever your personality, find something to elevate your look. 

Lapel Pins

Tie Bars

David Beckham Tie Bar

Another one of our favourites is the tie bar, nothing says style like a flash of silver (or gold) across your tie. David Beckham is one of our favourite style icons and he wears a tie bar perfectly which gives his look that extra edge. Not only does a tie bar look great but it is practical as it keeps your tie and shirt connected saving you the trouble of regrettable looking back on photographs with your tie being crooked from blowing in the breeze.
Many people are confused on how to wear a tie bar and believe it or not there is a correct way, here are some tips on how to wear a tie bar. 

Below is our polished hallmarked sterling silver tie bar that is now available in 18ct gold vermeil! Many guys like to match their tie bar and their watch so keep that in mind when choosing between silver and gold.
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Edge Only Tie Bar


Last but certainly not least are cufflinks. These are a great way to dress up your outfit and give your shirt that finishing touch. At Edge Only we have many styles to bring out your personality and individuality. Whether it's hashtags, guitar plectrums, lightening bolts or philips screws we have something for everyone.

Edge Only Cufflinks

For more styles and looks check out our website, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter... and remember be yourself and stay individual!!!