Edge Only X Leah Hewson

Edge Only X Leah Hewson


Leah Hewson for Edge Only 

A jewellery and fine art collaboration.  

Leah Hewson and Jenny Huston Edge Only collaboration

A men’s and women’s jewellery collection along with luxury packaging and five unique hand screen printed editions exclusively created for the collaboration.

The background:
Edge Only's founder and designer Jenny Huston and Leah Hewson spent a year working together, inspiring and informing each other’s work. While Hewson’s canvases are bright and chaotic, Huston’s jewellery is minimal and industrial. The collaboration has resulted in three stand out elements - an elegant, linear nine-piece hand-crafted jewellery collection for women and men from Huston, five superb limited edition fine art prints from Hewson, and together, luxury packaging for the jewellery collection.

Leah Hewson for Edge Only.  An art and jewellery collaboration

Edge Only x Leah Hewson #EOxLH Jenny huston

Edge Only x Leah Hewson was on display at the EOxLH Gallery Store at 12 Wellington Quay , Dublin 2 from April 12th to 18th, 2018. 


Jewellery can be purchased from www.edgeonly.com and prints from www.leahhewson.com (info@leahhewson.com) until items are sold-out.  

#EdgeOnlyxLeahHewson // #EOxLH

Jenny Huston and Leah Hewson EOxLH collaboration

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