How To Wear A Tie Bar

Edge Only Geometric Tie Bar in sterling silver. Tie clip

 We love a tie bar here at Edge Only. Nothing says stylish like a flash of silver across a tie. If worn correctly they can take a conservative look to contemporary in an instant. Tie bars are a modern, fashionable (and practical) way of finishing off a suit or a smart casual look.

There does seem to be generalised confusion about their purpose and how to actually wear them, so we thought we would share some tips. A tie bar has function as well as fashion! It keeps your tie straight. It holds the two pieces of your tie to your shirt preventing your tie from falling into your food, the wind blowing your tie behind you or those awkward crooked tie moments.

Edge Only Rugged Tie Bar in sterling silver. Tie clip

Three key rules:

  1. A tie bar goes between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt.

  2. A tie bar doesn't just clip the front end of your tie to the back end. It fastens both ends to your shirt. Fasten it to the placket (the opening between buttons) of your shirt so that your tie stays put.

  3. A tie bar should never be longer than the width of the tie. Many stylists say to aim for ¾ of the tieTie bars look best with slimmer ties.

    At Edge Only we believe in personal style, so how you choose to wear a tie bar is up to you! We love rebels and rule breakers, so now that you know them, feel free to do as you choose. Rules are there to be broken!

    Edge Only Tie Bar and rings in sterling silver landscape

    Edge Only tie bar Galaxy Ring in sterling silver and 9ct white gold 8mm court ring

    Edge only Tie Bar and lightning pin in sterling silver

    Personalise it! You can engrave a personal message on the back (i.e 'love always' or Heart infinity symbols) or have initials on the front. We are fond of right aligned, sans serif initials as done below for a wedding.

    Edge Only Geometric Tie Bar Sterling Silver Engraved. Tie clip

    We have four tie bars available, all hallmarked sterling silver. Choose the highly polished modern classic, the understated matt finish or a rough-filed Rugged Tie bar for a textured industrial look. We also have our skinny 4mm tie bar in an 18ct gold vermeil option. See the collection here

    Edge Only Tie Bar 18ct gold vermeil. Tie clip

    Edge Only Tie bar in sterling silver


    GQ did an article on tie bars with useful illustrations. Have a read of it here

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