Men's Style - the buttonhole

Men's Style - the buttonhole

Pins as Accessories

We are big believers in individuality and therefore individual style!

There are so many different ways to wear a blue suit for example.  The choice of shirt, tie, contrast or matching socks, pocket square, cufflinks, tie bar, lapel pin or buttonhole jewellery - all these individual choices will completely change the look of the very same suit.

Men's magazines are starting to address what to wear to office drinks and the faux pas of untucking your shirt at the bar. So how to stylishly go from the office, to post work drinks with minimal effort?  

While taking off your tie and unbuttoning your collar is fine, most stylists seem to agree that the most stylish thing to do is to take off your button-down shirt entirely and replace it with a t-shirt or fine knitwear.  Add trainers to your t-shirt and suit for a cool, casual style or go for fine v-neck knitwear in grey or wine for a more refined look.  

This is where the buttonhole really comes to play. A flash of something cool on your lapel is a great conversation starter and an instant way to stand out from the crowd!

Edge Only Flat Top Lightning Bolt Lapel Pin in Sterling Silver

At Edge Only we are big fans of the buttonhole adornment and have designs to suit every style.  Choose from understated and classic, to rock & roll and more playful edge. Whatever your personality, find something to elevate your look.

Silver Pins

Edge Only POW! Lapel Pin in Sterling silver. Pop art
Edge Only Screwdriver Lapel Pin in sterling silver

Edge Only Striped Spider Lapel Pin in Sterling Silver

Edge Only Speech Bubble Lapel Pin in Sterling Silver

Edge Only Small Button Lapel Pin in Sterling Silver
Edge Only Hashtag Lapel Pin in Sterling Silver. #

Edge Only Small Low Cone Lapel Pin in sterling silver matte. Round Pin

Gold Pins

Do you wear a gold watch and want to match your metals?  No problem, Edge Only have introduced 18ct gold vermeil options for most of our lapels and have a solid gold Small Button Lapel pin.

Edge Only Phillips-head Lapel Pin in 18ct gold vermeil

Edge Only Small Button Lapel Pin in 14ct gold

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