Diamond Bar Ring

Edge Only Diamond Bar Ring 9ct gold

Introducing the Diamond Bar Ring 

Set with four beautiful, round brilliant diamonds in solid 9ct or 14ct gold, Edge Only’s new Diamond Bar Ring is clean line, symmetrical perfection!

Edge Only Diamond Bar Rings carat gold

The Diamond Bar ring is ethically made in Ireland with 100% recycled, refined gold and hallmarked in Dublin Castle. The diamonds are set flush for a smooth modern finish. You have the choice of four excellent quality natural round brilliant 1 point white diamonds or lab grown synthetic diamonds, as you prefer! The minimum color of each natural gemstone is DEF and minimum clarity is SI1 for maximum brilliance and sparkle.

This contemporary diamond ring is one of Edge Only’s most delicate designs to date, yet it ties in perfectly to all the other pieces in the collections. Coordinating with the Bar Earrings and pendants and the gold Circle, Square and Triangle stud earrings of the Geometric Collection.

Edge Only - Diamond Bar Ring 14ct gold

For Edge Only designer Jenny Huston the design inspiration for this ring is a gentle nod to the four word positive affirmations and sayings of comfort that were widely repeated over the last year of lockdowns - especially her favourite ‘We Will Dance Again’.

“As the reality of what was happening around the globe sunk in, I kept seeing and hearing messages with the four words ‘this too shall pass’. My Mother is known to say ‘all shall be well’ in response to any situation of uncertainty, but the four words that I clung to the most during all of this were ‘we will dance again’.

My friend Cormac’s Dublin city club night Mother (closed due to COVID-19 since March 2020) created merchandise emblazoned with We Will Dance Again during the pandemic. A reminder we all need with dancing the last step in this reopening. Hugs, concerts, crowded pubs, huddled conversations and nightclubs - the final frontier - the new holy grail of social activity! Like everyone else I cant wait to be vaccinated and socialise freely again. For me this ring is a subtle reminder of those four words of optimism that helped us through a difficult winter. Diamonds brighten anyone’s day and this little beauty has certainly put a smile on my face!”

The Diamond Bar Ring is available to order now from www.edgeonly.com and is custom made for you in 4-5 weeks. Choose from 9ct, 14ct natural or lab grown diamonds.

Custom options, white gold or platinum available by request info@edgeonly.com

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 Edge Only Diamond Bar Ring 9ct gold

Edge Only is a member of the Design and Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI), Institute of Designers Ireland (IDI) and Guaranteed Irish.