New! Megastar Collection

Silver Megastar Necklace by Edge Only


Edge Only’s Megastars Collection is released on October 30th, 2019, coinciding with the cutting edge brand’s fifth birthday.

“To me, Megastars is a collection that evokes rock & roll and disco through the lens of Studio 54. Playful, cool and ready to party!” says Edge Only founder and designer, Jenny Huston.

Huston has taken the classic 5 point star and played with repetition and depth for maximum impact. These aren’t just stars; they are Megastars!

Silver Galaxy Ring by Edge Only

The starting point of this collection is a 12mm wide ‘Galaxy Ring’ with staggered repeating stars recessed into the band, available in a large range of sizes for both ladies and men.

The range also features stunning red carpet-worthy ‘Megastar Drop Earrings’ in 3 and 5 star lengths, Megastar stud earrings with inner recessed stars for everyday impact, and necklaces with star power, including the large ‘Megastar Pendant’ with a repeating star pattern that screams neon.

Gold Megastar Necklace and a Star Pendant by Edge Only

Made from sterling silver, 18ct gold vermeil and solid 9 carat gold, the collection was entirely designed and ethically made in Ireland. Each piece is individually hallmarked in Dublin Castle.

Gold Megastar Stud Earrings by Edge Only

So why stars? “I think we all have a fascination with the stars. I grew up staring at the sky and as I started to travel, I loved seeing how the constellations shifted in my view or disappeared altogether,” Huston reveals. “As adults, we may have less time to star-gaze, but we should never stop looking up! Attempting a collection around such a widely loved popular symbol was quite daunting for me. Stars have been done, so there had to be a point of difference. The multiple recesses in this collection were challenging, many master models were scrapped, but they turned out great!”

The Megastars Collection is a celebration of star power in the literal and figurative sense. These stars are ready to party!

Silver Megastar Five Star Drop Earrings by Edge OnlyGold Megastar Three Star Drop Earrings by Edge Only

Megastars: the brightest lights in the jewellery world.

The Megastar Collection can be purchased here, on and Wolf & Badger London. Prices start at €125.

P.S. Star Cufflinks coming soon!

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