The Power of the Pin

Edge Only Plectrum and Electric Guitar Pin in sterling silver

Pin Power

"If in doubt, accessorise!"

When it comes to fashion and style, our motto is: "If in doubt, accessorise!" 

We don't feel dressed without jewellery on. If we have a high or closed collar on then it's probably rings and earrings, if wearing open neck or simple crew front, then it's necklaces all the way.

There are occasions though, where your clothes are doing most of the talking and it can be nice to add just a little flash of interest through the addition of a pin. A pin really takes tailoring to the next level.


A Flash of Interest

Edge Only Pointed Lightning Bolt Pin in sterling silver

Edge Only Rugged Pin in sterling silver

To us, the pin is the modern brooch. My granny loved a brooch. As a kid I looked up to the teenagers that had badges all over their jackets.

I still smile when i see a sea of badges proudly displayed on a coat or bag, but these days i'd prefer to elevate with something a little more special. I love that a pin works equally well on tailoring as it does on denim. 

Denim jacket with badges and pins

At Edge Only we do our pins in sterling silver, 18ct gold vermeil and also in solid gold options (all our earrings/cufflinks/pendants can be made as pins by request). They come with mechanical clutch backs that keep the pins secure.

Edge Only Hexagon Pin in sterling silver


Equal opportunity style. Pins are unisex!

Pins are totally unisex and can be worn on tailoring through the button hole (so as not to pierce the fabric of the lapel), on leather and denim jackets, pocket flaps or collars.  The options are endless. 

Edge Only Triple Bolt Pin and Star Pin in sterling silver

Edge Only Electric Guitar Pin in sterling silver

Edge Only Electric Guitar Pin in sterling silver

A flash of something cool on your lapel is a great conversation starter and an instant way to stand out from the crowd.

Edge Only Flat Top Lightning Bolt pin in sterling silver 

At Edge Only we are big fans of the buttonhole adornment and have designs to suit every style.  Choose from understated and classic, to rock & roll and more playful edge. Whatever your personality, find something to elevate your look.

Edge Only Bevelled Square Lapel Pin in matt satin sterling silver
Edge Only POW! Lapel Pin in sterling silver

Edge_Only_Pointed Lightning Bolt Pin and sterling silver rings.jpg

Do you wear a gold watch and want to match your metals?  No problem, Edge Only have introduced 18ct gold vermeil options for most of our lapels and have a solid gold Small Button Lapel pin.  


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Edge Only Small Gold Button Pin in 14 carat gold

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Striped and Spotted Bug Pins in sterling silver

Edge Only cone lapel pins in sterling silver

Edge Only Screwdriver Pin in sterling silver