Tips For Getting Your Ring Size Right

Edge Only Sapphire and Diamond High Top Ring

How do you find out your ring size? 

In theory it’s easy. Most jewellery shops offer a free ring sizing service and are happy to measure your finger with a ring gauge or to take a ring that already fits you well, put it on a ring mandrel or "ring cone” and tell you the size. We sell  reusable unisex ring sizers that work like a belt.

In practice however, finding the correct size of your finger is not as straight forward as it sounds, as the wider the ring the more space it takes up on your finger. Is the ring you wish to buy wider that the ring sizer?

I'll try and go through the variables and considerations section by section.  If you are still unsure as to your size at the end, just pop us an email 

Body Temperature

The first challenge to finding the correct ring size is YOU! That is to say, all people. Most people’s fingers vary with temperature, blood circulation and fluid retention. 

For example, the ring I wear on my middle finger is loose in the afternoon, but often won’t go on first thing in the morning - half an hour of moving and a cup of tea later they are fine.

So the time of day you have your fingers measured will play a role, as will the weather. In cold weather rings will feel looser, in hot weather fingers may swell causing rings to feel snug.

A ring needs to have enough tension over the knuckle so that it won’t fall off, but not be so tight as to pinch when it is on.

Typically we find that afternoon or early evening is best for taking a reading when the blood and hands have been moving. You are looking for a median size - one that is right most of the time.  

International Sizing

Rings can be tricky to get right the first time because each country has a different size guide from letters in the UK, to numbers in the USA, to mm measurements in Europe (often with 1/4 size differences when being converted).

Ring mandrels with multiple size readings can vary by a quarter size depending on the country of manufacture too, adding to the slight variations in readings.

Once you know your size in UK/USA or European sizing you can convert it using our international guide below to make your online purchase (bearing in mind it may be off by a ¼ size, which while not ideal, is usually ok).

Leading Edge Reading

It is important to note that while most jewellery shops take a “leading edge” reading, some take a centre reading. We go by a leading edge reading on our website. 

Having a Finger Sized

As I mentioned above, at Edge Only we go by leading edge size reading for rings, but many jewellery shops measure with skinny 2mm ring sizers used for slim rings. Our rings are often the equivalent of two or three such bands (or even more) so require the next size up to fit the same way.

Putting on a wide band will feel tighter than putting on a skinny band.  You can test this by putting two rings on at the same time versus only one of the rings on. Essentially a wide ring (or two rings together such as an engagement set) will put pressure over a greater surface area, so a larger size is needed for comfort.

Edge Only - Double Diamond Rooftop Ring in 14 carat gold. Pave set diamond ringEdge Only Double Diamond Rooftop Ring and Rooftop Ring 14ct gold

If you go to get your finger sized in a shop, be aware if it’s a thin or thick ring gauge sizer (examples shown below using the same size R) so that you can go up ½ - 1 - 2 size(s) depending on the ring that you wish to buy. 

Ring mandrel and ring gauge - R wide gauge | Edge Only jewelry

Ring mandrel and ring gauge - both in size R

How do you find out the size of a ring?

If you are taking a ring that you or your partner wears to be measured for size, make sure to ask for the leading edge reading. For example, a very wide ring such as our Poker Ring or our Galaxy Ring can cover 3 sizes on a ring mandrel and be V (bottom of the ring size mandrel), W (centre) and X (leading edge). So make sure its leading edge! (the largest size).

As we mentioned at the start of the blog most jewellery shops will happily size your finger for free (or take a reading of one of your partners rings if you are hoping to surprise them).

If you order a ring and it's not quite the right size we are happy to exchange it or have it sized up or down for you. Please get in touch as soon as possible so that we may help you.

Note: It is very common to need rings adjusted in size before or after weddings to get them exactly right, so it’s best to allow plenty of time to make sure they are really comfortable. It’s worth the time it takes to get it right as it is something you will wear every day. Your rings are also likely to need sized again over your lifetime as weight and bodies change over time and knuckles may become larger with age. 

Ring Sizers

Unsure about your ring size? Order a reusable unisex ring sizer! They are easy to use and show the full range of sizes A - Z+9. The nominal charge includes post and packing. The Multisizer works like a belt. Simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape. You can buy one for €5 here including postage.

Edge Onlyreusable Ring Sizer Multisizer on hand White gold Rooftop Ring

We hope this blog has answered your questions. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything we can help you with!