Electronic Sheep x Edge Only

IDI Awards 2020

Electronic Sheep x Edge Only Mixed Tape Pendant won the 'Accessories Including Footwear' Award in the Fashion + Textiles category.

"Strong attention to detail. Great use of illustrative details, typography and CAD"


A collaboration between Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany of knitwear brand Electronic Sheep and Jenny Huston of Edge Only to mark Electronic Sheep’s 21st Birthday. 

Edge Only and Electronic Sheep share a life long love of music so this was our starting point. Jenny Huston is a former RTE 2FM DJ and music TV presenter who launched Edge Only in 2014 with the Rock & Roll collection. Electronic Sheep is a knitwear label established in 1998, working out of London and Dublin - they have based several of their collections on music including collaborations with artists, DJs and music fanzines. Both brands have an extensive celebrity and rock star following.

Jenny Huston from Edge Only on Electronic Sheep

“I love Electronic Sheep! I have so much respect for Brenda and Helen and how they work – they never repeat themselves. They embrace collaboration and they create exceptionally cool, high quality knitwear that is ethically made."

“Our brands are quite rock and roll so it made sense for our collaboration to be centred around music. Electronic Sheep had vinyl on their scarves last season, so that was my first thought, but a cassette - so much more to play with! The 3D shape is so pleasing and nostalgic. How better to celebrate 21 years of Electronic Sheep than with a party? What does every party need? Good people and great music, so we created the ultimate mixed tape! The A side is yours, the B side we took over.”

Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany of Electronic Sheep on Edge Only

“When we first saw Jenny’s iconic lighting bolt earrings we had to flip a coin as we both wanted them! We ended up with the same pair. As fans of Edge Only’s rock n roll jewellery a collaboration was destined and it is perfect timing to produce something very special for our 21st Birthday. Retro style ‘mixed tapes’ have been part of our world and collections. Jenny likewise features many musical references in her work and the cassette summed up what both brands wanted to say. It features a tiny Edge Only lightning bolt that started this relationship and some Electronic Sheep graphic symbols that are featured in our new knitwear collection ‘21’ – a tiny skull, a heart and an anchor."

"Drawing up the wishlist with Jenny for the details on this pendant – we actually couldn’t believe that Edge Only could technically include the full design – with no compromise. We love this piece - old school bling!”

The retro style of the pendant attracts our younger customers and is nostalgic for those who loved making and receiving mixed tapes.

The plain ‘A side’ provides optional personalisation – it can be custom engraved!

The fully illustrated ‘B Side’ let both brands stamp their iconic designs on it. Electronic Sheep’s hand illustration for the pendant B side has a lot of imagery on it – a 21 key, skull, heart, anchor and lightning bolt.

As per both brands’ values this cassette tape was designed and ethically made in Ireland and hallmarked in Dublin Castle.