Edge Only and Leah Hewson collaboration art work
Edge Only x Leah Hewson

A collaboration between fine artist Leah Hewson and Jenny Huston of Edge Only jewellery April 2018. 

Huston and Hewson spent a year working together, inspiring and informing each other’s work. While Hewson’s canvases are bright and chaotic, Huston’s jewellery is minimal and industrial.

The collaboration resulted in three stand out elements - an elegant, linear nine-piece hand-crafted jewellery collection for women and men from Huston, four superb limited edition fine art prints from Hewson, and together, luxury packaging for the jewellery collection including a custom gift bag and tissue paper.

"What started out as a packaging collaboration grew into so much more" says Jenny Huston. "Leah painted a "pattern" an original artwork that was to be incorporated into the custom gift bags, but I wanted to draw from it and create a piece of jewellery inspired by the repeating hexagon within the art.

What started out as one pendant became pages of doodles. In the end I created a full collection of hexagons and abstractions of hexagons!"

Leah had never before released a print so it was a chance for her to create her first print to be sold alongside the jewellery. She created two editions of hand screen prints 'On the Edge' and 'Over the Edge', which came from a section which was isolated from the original pattern.

It turned out so well and she enjoyed the screen printing process so much, that it too became a series of limited edition of prints inspired by the art.

"We felt that the bag deserved a little more of Leah Hewson's art, so Leah simplified the original pattern for custom tissue paper printed in fluorescent to match the orange lightning bolts on the bag. Having tissue paper meant that her prints could also be wrapped in it."

"We both put so much work into the collaboration and the resulting collection and series of prints that we created a week long Gallery Shop so that people could see it all together.

Seeing the jewellery and prints with Leah's original painting helped it all make sense and showed visitors how we bounced off each others work" says Jenny.