Court Band Comfort Fit 6mm - 14ct White Gold


This hallmarked, 14 carat white gold ring comes with your choice of a highly polished or a matt satin finish. It is 6mm wide in a 'court' shape with a comfort fit or 'east fit' inside (slightly domed so that the least amount of metal touches your skin) for maximum daily comfort. Rhodium plating included.

Hand engraving on the inside is a lovely addition for wedding bands. Add your names and wedding date or whatever personal message you choose. Email for details: Please allow up to 2 weeks as the ring will be polished and rhodium plated after engraving.

This ring is in stock in a size T.  Weight is 6.49 grams. All other sizes are made to order & priced on gold weight. Sized to custom fit. As this is a wide band, it is often best to go up a 1/2 to 1 size for comfort. 

Rhodium plating is optional, but typically preferred. It adds brightness/whiteness, as all white gold has a hint of warmth (as gold is naturally yellow), but the plating will gradually fade with wear. Repeat plating may be required to maintain the bright finish. Most people drop their rings in every couple of years for a refresh.