Silver Polishing Cloth

Maintain your edge!

Our custom Edge Only silver polishing cloths 

Edge Only silver polishing cloths are impregnated with silver cleaner and are the ideal way to polish smooth pieces. Gently rub your rings, pendants, earrings, lapel pins, tie bars and cufflinks as needed to remove any fingerprints or tarnish. Regular use removes light tarnish and inhibits re-tarnishing, prolonging the original sparkle of your silver.

Note: Remove pendants from their chain before rubbing the pendant between the cloth (to avoid pulling on the links). You can use firm pressure on rings and items without delicate features such as earring posts. Store in the plastic sleeve it comes in or in a ziplock bag or airtight container.

Not suitable for plated jewellery. Be cautious using with matt satin finishes as it may remove/return the matt finish to shiny, more quickly.

**Complimentary with all silver purchases.