Edge Only  Steel Mesh Necklace 3mm stainless steel clasp hose chain
Steel Mesh Necklace 3mm
Steel Mesh Necklace 3mm
Edge Only Steel Mesh hose chain necklace in stainless steel
3mm hose chain stainless steel

Steel Mesh Necklace 3mm

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A 3mm wide stainless steel mesh necklace. The mesh 'hose chain' necklace has a modern twist open catch known as a bayonet lock  - gently push in and twist to open and line up the dot with the opposite gap and twist to close). Available in two lengths, 40cm/16" length and 45cm/18" length. Modern, industrial and elegant.

Add your favourite bead or pendant to it or wear it on its own. 

*Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and will not tarnish